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Towny contest results!

khaos1311 a posted Feb 18, 14

Towny Contest Results

Results are in for the Towny contest. Some towns did great with the additional Valentine's day criteria, and some towns did great even with getting lower scores on that criteria just from being amazing!

Prizes are listed on the thread. All extra town space has been given out already. If you need to claim one of your other rewards like a portal at the PvE world spawn or Beacon Blocks, contact a srmod, jradmin, admin, or khaos/xabvosx to get you your stuff!

If your town is not listed here do not worry! There will be another Towny contest soon!


1st Place

2nd Place

3rd Place

4th - 6th Place


1st Place

2nd Place

3rd Place

4th - 6th Place


1st Place

2nd Place

3rd Place

4th - 6th Place

Congrats to all the winners! And to everyone else get ready for the next one coming soon!

lapizzaman Or just make a thread explaining everything.
SlickSlinky I have made an amazing idea for the server! If you wanna know about it then message me and I will tell you all about it!

We are now taking entries for our Valentine's day towny contest.
Judging will take place during the weekend of February 14th.

1st: Beacon block, 200 extra plots, and a portal to your towns spawn.
2nd: Beacon block, 150 extra plots, and a portal to your towns spawn.
3rd: Beacon block, 100 extra plots, and a portal to your towns spawn.
4th: Portal to your towns spawn.
5th: Portal to your towns spawn.
6th: Portal to your towns spawn.

Please post a reply on this (Click here) thread with your town's name, your in-game name, and which server it's on.
Only the towns mayor should post an entry.


Distinction. How unique your town is.
How well each part of your town relates to each other part of your town.
Theme: Valentine's day
How well your town uses its surrounding terrain

Good luck and have fun!

Vote Every Day at
For the January Voter Special!

New Year, New Build Worlds!
New Build Worlds for RPG/Main/Pets.  Access them through the Build World Portals.  NOTHING is changing with the old worlds or Towny, these are just new fresh worlds for people to build in!
Expanded Raid's borders from 3k to 5k for some new fresh area to build bases in and harvest.

Class Balancing Patch:

December Voter Prizes:
People who earned $100, $75, $25, and $15 in December just from voting can claim them at the below link:

Lastly, remember....

Holiday Donation Special
Ends Sunday!
More info Below.


Mini Games Is Up Tonight!

xabvosx a posted Dec 20, 13
Class CTF/Killing Floor/etc
Is Up!

The first batch of the new minigames stuff is coming up tonight!  You will be able to access it on the portal.  This is going to be a "soft" launch.  So, that means most functionality should be there for a lot of things but there probably will be some bugs.  We will get them fixed as they get reported.  After the initial launch other minigames will be much easier to release!

Coin Shop/Pets/Taunts/Enhancements/Hats

The minigames will feature a coin shop that, to start, will have purchaseable pets, taunts, enhancements, and hats.

How do I earn Coins?
Play minigames!  Simply earn coins by playing minigames and having fun. 
All coins earned can be used in any game.

Do My Pets/Taunts/Enhancements/Hats carry across games?
Yup.  If you buy a hat in CTF you will have it in the hub, Killing Floor, and future games.

How do I use the Coin Shop?
Simply type /coinshop or /cs in game.
We hope to have further web integration for this soon.

How do I see my Hats?
Simply type /hats or /hat in game.

How do I see my Enhancements and what are they?
Type /enhancements inventory or /en inv in game.  After equipping an enhancement you must relog.
Enhancements are slot upgrades that will be automatically applied when you play minigames.  So, for example, if you get a Hearty Chestplate and equip it, anytime you get into a minigame your Chestplate will receive the Hearty prefix giving you a little extra health. Bonuses stack.

How do I see my Taunts and how do they work?
Type /taunts or /taunt.
Taunts give you an item that when you click at an opponent with it a message will be broadcasted taunting them and making a cool effect on them.

How do I see my Pets?
Type /pets.
Class CTF

This game should be mostly functional on release.  There may be a couple bugs, balancing changes, etc, but just report them and we will get them fixed asap.


-SR Classes you know and love tweaked for Mini Games.
-Completely rebalanced classes to work better in CTF.
-Redone class ability layout.  Separate slots for abilities with mouseover tooltips for each.
-Custom Class Abilities.
-Class Selector which includes information about each class before selecting it.

In Game Scoreboards:
-In Game Leaderboards shown to all players in each game:
---Flag Captures per team.
---Top Scores per team.
---Top Kills per team.

Chat and Messages:
-Team Chat
-Clan Chat
-Messages about streaks, powerups, your kills/deaths, flag caps/takes.
-Unique Flag Carrier effect to make them very noticeable.
-Unique Spawn Camping protection.

-Kill Streaks in game...Q-Q-Q-Quad Kill!
-Automatic Map Rotation
---Double Damage
---and more!
-New Custom Maps
---Citadel featuring jump boosters!
---and more!
-Earn coins to spend on special items!
-And more features not listed here!

Killing Floor

This will be in beta mode on release.  What does this mean?  There are likely to be some bugs but this is the best way to get them found and fixed.  Also, there will be some missing functionality such as coins, enhancements, etc until it is in a spot where it can leave beta mode.  Expect a lot of updates to this over the next week.

-Zombie Survival Game
-Custom Perk System
-Level up your different roles!
-Custom Maps made for a desolate world to survive in!
-Earn coins to spend on special items!

-MANY new guns with customizations.
-Utility items such as heal kits and others.
-Specialty Items.
-Heavy Artillery
-and more!

Unique Monsters
-Customized Zombies with special effects
-Many other scary mobs.
-Boss type monsters!
-Unique abilities for monsters.

-Find a spot as zombies and other monsters track you down!
-Weld doors shut as monsters try to break in and defend!
-Make it to the randomly spawning item shop in between rounds then make it back!
-Monsters, and monster types, get harder as rounds progress!

-and much more!

Mini Games Website

Will be added to the Savage Realms Portal soon.

Why not have Savage in the name?
We decided that so many people over the past 2 1/2 years have checked out Savage Realms that it would be good to have a different name here to get people who may think, "Oh I have checked their servers out and they were confusing," to instead log in, play a bit, learn the classes, make some friends, and then hop on over to some of the other servers without the confusion.  If we ever make a url/site for say SkyBlock or another server in the future we will probably do something similar.

-Leaderboards for different statistics for games.
-Quick Access to joining games.
-All the usual website stuff such as forums.
-A lot of added functionality, things looking a lot cooler, and a few things just made better coming soon as well.

Coin Shop
-This is planned to be through the website down the road.  Use /cs in game for now.
-Earn coins in game and buy items on the website such as:
---Slot Enhancements
---Other cool visual effects and items.
-What are Slot Enhancements?
---Side grade type items you can earn to change your character in game
---Example: Fire Leg Enhancement.
------Once equipped makes your character do fire damage in game but slows you.
-Coin purchases will likely be in game before on the site.

SR Christmas Break!

What is Coming to SR For Christmas Break?!?

New Build Worlds
Next weekend we will be putting up a new build world for Main/RPG/Pets.  It will feature all of the 1.7 biomes.  So, be ready to build next weekend!

Expanded Raid World
We will also be expanding the borders on Raid at that time.  Should allow for some new areas to explore, build on, fresh areas to mine, etc.

We plan to have a small balancing patch next weekend as well mainly based on input from the staff and from the forums.

Also, there may be a few other tweaks in this patch...IE Lowering TNT cost on Raid.

Donor Special
There will be a Christmas Donor Special bigger than most of the others featuring big discounts, extra gold, new nimbus colors, a triple Christmas nimbus, and... A new Tier 3 PvP Class!

These first couple of minigames coming for the minigames server are just the tip of the iceberg.  We have things made in a way that they will completely work with other minigames we have planned that will be much quicker to make as a lot of functionality will already be there.  Lots of big stuff coming over the Holidays for minigames, the normal servers, and more.

Hope everybody is having a great start of the Holiday Season, and is ready to have some fun over the Holidays!
Class CTF/Killing Floor

Beta Test Weekend

Dec 13th - Dec 15th

Beta Testing for Class CTF and Killing Floor will be starting Friday at 7pm Central!

IP to connect to:

Server will be whitelisted except when open for testing!

Beta Testing will be open for EVERYBODY.  People who signed up will get mini game coins as a bonus for signing up.  These coins can be spent during beta testing on hats, item enhancements, etc.  On launch hats, item enhancements, etc will be bought by earning coins in game and if you buy a hat for instance it will be available in every single minigame.  People who are making youtube videos will get a bonus amount of coins!  Go sign up for beta and make a video if you have not already!

Beta Test Schedule

Friday December 13th

Class CTF at 7pm Central/8pm East/5pm West
For 1-2 hours.

Killing Floor at 9pm Central/10pm East/7pm West
For 1-2 hours. 

Saturday December 14th

Class CTF at 7pm Central/8pm East/5pm West
For 2-4 hours.

Sunday December 15th

Killing Floor at 7pm Central/8pm East/5pm West
For 2-4 hours

Remember, this is a Beta Test.  There will be bugs in games, some missing functionality we have planned for launch, etc.  The point is for us to work out some bugs, balance some stuff, etc while you guys have a little fun before we release these!  =)

More information on Class CTF and Killing Floor below.  Also, remember, this is just the start of some cool stuff we have in the works!  =)

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